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A little bit about my day...

Hows your day been?

My day has been dominated by a mantra... "It Could Be Worse Rachel!" This simple mantra has helped me keep things in perspective today, its helped me stay in control and stay calm. Not only that, these simple 5 words have also made me stay grateful for what I have.

An example: Out doing the food shop. Forgot my bags (again) and end up filling my boot item by item in the pouring rain with no coat on ☔ yes I felt my emotions I thought to myself "it could be worse Rachel! I am lucky I have the money to buy food, I am lucky I have people to share the food with, and I am lucky I have a table to eat the food at". It didn't dry me off, but it did help me put into perspective the thoughts and feeling which were starting to get carried away!

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