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A low sensory input environment

Do you find that busy, bright, noisy places make it difficult for you to concentrate? When the external sensory input is overwhelming it's no surprise that its hard to focus on whats going on inside!

That's why at Towards Change Ltd we try to ensure, as far as we possibly can that your counselling experience is calm, with a low sensory input.

This means that when you get to our building there is no receptionist to interact with asking you questions, you can make your own way to our room.

Once inside our room we use low lighting, comfy chairs with the option of a soft blanket, no background music, and relatively plain white walls with only a few landscape pictures for decoration.

To top it all off we have a bag full of fidgets! Many people find that whilst their hands are occupied they are able to gather their thoughts and work on their issues.

Does this sort of environment sound like somewhere you will be able to focus?

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