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Endorsement for a book...

A couple of months ago I received an email from a contact I have in Australia. This email asked if I would proof read and provide an endorsement for a book written by them! I was so honored and proud to be asked! Now I have received a hard copy of the book, with my endorsement in print on the back of it!

When I contacted Rachael to thank her for giving me the opportunity, Rachael said 'I could see your passion and dedication shining through from our first connection, so I really wanted to give you that platform'

The book is about a new form of therapy for working with autistic clients. Focusing upon the strengths of autism, such as repetition, reflection and structure and using them to the clients advantage by introducing mantra meditation, it really does feel like a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Change and healing.

If you want to more about RIT (reflective integration therapy) here is the link to Rachaels website:

Or watch this YouTube video:


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