At some stage in our lives, many of us will experience anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, bullying, diagnosis, bereavement and loss or issues relating to work/life balance.


You’re not alone.  Counselling and Talking Therapy can help you manage and overcome many of these issues. 


Maybe you've lost someone close to you, a friend or family member, and need someone to talk to. Maybe you are looking for your place in the world, talking might help you find it.  Perhaps you are overworked, or just need to talk to someone outside of your family and friends, someone who just 'get's it'.  Or, perhaps you're coming to terms with caring for a loved one with a new diagnosis and want to be able to explore this in a space free from judgement.  Regardless of your age, gender, sexual identity or background, you are always welcome. 


Nobody 'wants' therapy. What you want is your problem to go away. 


Instead of anxiety, you want calmness. Instead of judgement, you want acceptance. Instead of stress, you want coping strategies and instead of depression you want happiness.


Whilst there's no magic wand to fix our problems, the combination of the right counsellor, with the right therapy, and your willingness to change puts you on the right path for positive change.  


And you’ve already taken the most important step by seeking help today.


• Free telephone consultation

• No long waiting lists - appointments usually within a few days

• No GP referral needed - just make an appointment online or over the telephone

•  No limit to the number of sessions available

• Choose your approach. CBT, person-centred, solution focused

• Personal and tailored approach to your individual needs 

• Convenient appointments available throughout the day, evening and weekend


Counselling can be a place where you can get the support you need to deal with the issues which are important to you. 


You may be asking what makes me different from a lot of other therapists? 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor, meaning I'm trained and experienced in several therapeutic approaches along with having a qualification in autism.  I know that you are unique, that no one model of therapy will suit all, so that’s exactly why I aim for our sessions to be unique, tailoring my approach to your individual needs.  


*After 31st July 2019 our location is changing, please see our blog for more information*

Towards Change; Preston Counselling is situated at Glovers Court, in the centre of Preston. We are able to offer a location which is central and easily accessible to most clients. Preston bus station is a 5 minute walk away and the train station 10 minutes.


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