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Autism Specialism 

Are you looking for a counsellor specifically to work with autistic clients or their families and loved ones?

It can be a difficult and confusing world for most people, but if you are an autistic individual, the situations and understanding that others just seem to naturally 'get' don't come easily or naturally to you. 


This can lead to isolation, anxiety, depression.


Then someone suggests talking therapy!

Yeah right!

Now's the difficult job of finding a therapist whom you feel safe enough to talk to! 

So maybe I can help. 

You may not understand why things are going so wrong when for you it makes logical sense

  • I can help untangle the miscommunication

You may be exhausted looking after an autistic child and just want some time to focus on your feelings.

  • Come and talk to someone who understands.

You may have just received a diagnosis for yourself or your child and need to be heard about your concerns for the future.

  • I can do that.

You may have a transition coming up where things are going to change. Causing anxiety and stress.

  • I can help you deal with the anxiety this brings aiding a smoother transition.

Others may have difficulty understanding you. Leaving them, and you, confused over intentions.

  • I can help you accept yourself and work on strategies for communication.

Working together we can focus on your strengths because I believe each unique individual has many strengths.

I have a breadth of experience working with autistic individuals.

I have undertaken research in the area of autism within the counselling relationship, and worked for several autism specific charities; 'Respect For All' and 'Understanding Autism North West' who provide counselling for autistic individuals.

I have also studied the postgraduate certificate in Autism through the National Autistic Society in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and currently completing a MSc in Autism and Neurodivergence.

As well as providing an endorsement for a published book on the subject of 'Contemplative Therapy' for autistic clients.



Sessions are online or via telephone

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