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Some clients find it very difficult to access face to face counselling. 

This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Maybe you are just too busy with work, family and life to get to a counselling room 

  • Maybe you have mobility challenges, no car

  • Maybe you want to access counselling without your family asking where you go every week

  • Maybe your anxiety is at such a level that the thought of making your way to a counselling session stops you before you even get there

  • Maybe you have been looking for an autism-specific counsellor in your area but have been unable to find one

  • Maybe technology is the way you like to communicate


Rachel has a certificate in cybertherapy in 2019 and is happy to offer telephone and video linked therapy. 

Whatever the reason, we can help

If you are interested in online counselling please contact Rachel at or 07871 440231 so she can talk you through the process of starting online therapy 

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