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Mid January Blues?

It's not uncommon for this time of year to feel blue, sad, and low.

Many people have come through the exciting time of Christmas! A time where friends are often in abundance, there is merriment and cheer! And arrived at middle of January finding themselves in a dark, depressing, long month with little money and little cheer.

But it is important to remember that nothing stays the same forever.

Change is guaranteed in this life.

So, what is the difference between feeling blue and depression?

Feeling sad or low for a couple of days can feel difficult, but depression is more than this. Depression is when every day is a bad day.

Every day you feel sad or low. Activities which you just to enjoy, you find no pleasure in.

And it goes on, and on, and on.

Remember, you are not alone in this. Whether it is a couple of bad days or depression you need to seek support and share how you are feeling with someone you trust.

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